Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Wednesday Wish Lists #31

I've missed doing these posts, so I thought I'd finally bring you my first Wednesday Wish List of 2017! I keep going back and forth about whether or not I should continue this blog series - just showing you guys a bunch of things I wish I owned can make me feel a little materialistic sometimes. But lately I've been trying to think of it more as a way to show you guys a whole whack of cool things I've seen or heard about on the internet or elsewhere. It's certainly a great ice breaker, to chat with someone about cool things that you both love, and it's my hope that posting about a number of things that have recently caught my eye and that I've been lusting after will bring out those who like the same things as me, and from there connections are made! I'm always looking for fellow geeks to chat with after all! Without further ado, here is this week's wish list.
#1: Poison Ivy Formal Dress (Gotham Knights Collection) from Hot Topic! I flipped when I received the Hot Topic email with the new Gotham Knights formal wear line - everything in it is absolutely gorgeous! The Wonder Woman dress definitely caught my attention, but I also couldn't stop staring at the Poison Ivy dress. This style is typically something I would avoid, because it clings quite a bit to the model's shape, but I was thinking that if all goes well with mine and Kurt's trips to the YMCA, maybe I'll be able to tone up enough that I won't have to be afraid of these sorts of styles anymore.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My Insta Love #5 - Valentine's Day 2017

Hello everybody! I know Valentine's Day has already come and gone, but I still wanted to showcase a few of my favorite pictures that Instagram uses posted to celebrate the occasion. There were so many pretty pictures on my feed that I just had to show you guys a few of my favorites :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Review: Unbecoming

You may have noticed by my lack of reviews posted lately, but I have been in a bit of a reading rut for the past... Well, it's been quite a while, I must say. I'd like to say that all it takes is one good book to mend that sort of bookless abyss, and for some people it very well might be. If anyone has suffered from a similar affliction, may I recommend this remarkable read. Unbecoming is a young adult novel that can easily be enjoyed by women of any age, and the three women who take center stage in this story suffer from their own separate afflictions, all within the same family and under the same roof.

Katie has final exams of her junior year (or the equivalent of that in the UK, where this novel takes place) just on the horizon, and as if that were not stressful enough, she is currently a victim of bullying because of a private moment shared with her best friend, where Katie initiated a kiss with her friend Esme. Since then, Esme has been ignoring her texts and calls and dodging any attempts at talking things through with Katie.

Caroline is a single mother, whose husband cheated on her and now lives in their old home with his new girlfriend, with their brand new baby daughter. They've moved to a flat in Bisham, where on top of working as a Realtor, she works hard to raise and be there for Katie as well as her son Christopher who was born with an undiagnosed disorder. Things become even more stressful when Caroline's biological mother, who gave her up shortly after she was born, shows up out of the blue with nobody else to care for her, and with nobody but Caroline to take responsibility for her.

And finally there's Mary, who is taken in by her daughter Caroline and is lucky enough to live with her grandchildren Katie and Chris, although she has difficulty remembering her names - though Caroline tries relentlessly to drag Mary to a number of doctors, they are able to nail down a specific diagnosis, although they are certain that Mary suffers from some degree of Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Mary's condition is actually described quite aptly in the book itself, and I'll quote the passage for you guys below:
"He showed them the CT scan, pointed to some black smudges with the tip of his pen, and said Mary had plaques in her brain. It was about the only thing he was certain about. He used the analogy of a forest - one day a tree crashes to the ground and bang, the recipe for lasagna you've known for years falls out of your head. The next day a different tree silently collapses and bang, the memory of your first kiss disappears forever. Eventually, Mary would forget how to use the toilet, how to walk, how to eat. Until, one day, the forest became a wasteland and she forgot how to breathe.
'Silent, deadly, and irreversible,' the consultant said."
- Chapter Twenty-Two, Unbecoming by Jenny Downham
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